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Physical Education (PE)

During this school year your child will have the opportunity to be exposed to many different activities in P.E. class. It is very important for your child to always be properly dressed. Please write down the days your child has P.E. and post it on the refrigerator. This will also help your child remember their P.E. days. Proper dress includes shorts, skorts or pants and sneakers that fully cover their feet. (Sandals and boots are not proper attire for P.E. Not wearing proper shoes will have a negative effect on their grade.

Below is a list of activities that may be used during the school year in P.E. If the activity is followed by a (K-2) or (3-5) this designates the specific grade levels involved: 

  • Station Work (K-5) - a variety of stations designed to work on hand-eye coordination, arm strength and cooperation. 
  • Volleyball (3-5), 
  • Parachute (K-2), 
  • Ball Handling Activities (K-2), 
  • Fitness Testing (K-5), 
  • Movement Exploration and Motor Skills (K-2), 
  • Throwing and Catching Skills (K-5), 
  • Frisbee Activities (3-5), 
  • Flag Tag (K-2), 
  • Aerobics (K-5), 
  • Kickball and Kicking Activities (K-5), 
  • Softball - T-Ball (K-5), 
  • Basketball Games and Skills (K-5), 
  • Archery (3-5), 
  • Recreational Games (K-5), 
  • Track and field (K-5) and 
  • Tennis (K-5).

The Track and Field unit is designed to give the students an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of track and field events. These are not tests. The 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to earn a spot on the Junior Olympic team. All students are involved with the Shot Put in Track and Field. K-1 students will be using a 2-pound practice shot put while the 2-5 students will be using the traditional shot used in elementary schools. We look forward to meeting your children and a wonderful year at Manatee Cove Elementary.

Thank you,

PE Department